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EU-300 Fusion XTR

The FUSION 300 XTR dual axis positioner is a Super Heavy-Duty Elevation over Azimuth system with high torque capacity.

Azimuth axis has continuous rotation using slip-rings with Ethernet, 

Signals & Power lines. Hard stop and limit is optional.

The FUSION 300 XTR has high stiffness and low backlash with a payload in motion,

and it is easy to integrate with other system’s modules.

The FUSION 300 XTR positioner is supplied with Euclid's built-in Logics & Tracking Controller (MCU) to provide progressive control modes and target's tracking algorithms.

The integration GUI and the MCU protocol is supplied with the system.

The system speed is up to 20 deg/sec and up to 5 rad/sec² acceleration.


EII: Euclid Intuitive Integration for easy implementation

Dual axis Positioner

Ethernet and Serial communication

Qualifying for harsh environment 

360° Continuous azimuth travel 

Supplied with Euclid's MCU Unit

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