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EU-195 Fusion

A heavy duty dual axis Elevation over a 360° continuous Azimuth positioner, equipped with Ethernet supported slip-rings and cutting edge motion drivers and DC brushless motors.

While the FUSION XT owns the same dimensions as its "twin", the EU-145, it's built to deliver an enormous 195Nm torque, qualifying it for the most harsh environment and heavy duty implementations exist in the field.

From heavy duty field payloads, which need to operate in extremely strong winds to super heavy field payloads, which need to be frequently rotated on two axes, the FUSION XT is a perfect match.

The EU-195 FUSION XT positioner can also be supplied with Euclid's built-in Micro-Controller Unit (MCU) to provide progressive control modes and target's tracking algorithms


EII: Euclid Intuitive Integration for easy implementation

Dual axis Positioner

Ethernet and Serial communication

Qualifying for harsh environment 

360° Continuous azimuth travel 

Supplied with Euclid's MCU Unit

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