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EU-10 Satcom

The mini Satellite Communication (SATCOM)  terminal positioner is a small dimensioned and light weight dual axis positioner, uniquely designed for airborne / vehicular / portable “on the move” SATCOM terminals.

The mini SATCOM terminal positioner hosts client’s SATCOM active RF chain (panel antenna, BUC, LNB) and modem, while providing the dual axis motion system and tracking control, 

including: advanced motion drivers, miniature high quality DC brushless motors, sophisticated motion transmission mechanism, Logic & Tracking controller installed with Euclid’s proprietary SW and onboard navigation sensors (GPS, magnetometer, accelerometer and gyro).

The mini SATCOM terminal positioner is a revolutionary concept, combining Euclid’s specialty in the field of antenna positioning and tracking control along with client’s SATCOM RF specialty, 

to bring out the best overall system’s specification and performance.


EII: Euclid Intuitive Integration for easy implementation

Dual axis Positioner

Ethernet and Serial communication

Qualifying for harsh environment 

360° Continuous azimuth travel 

Supplied with Euclid's MCU Unit

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