Vehicular Application

One, two or three axes systems with integrated antenna, observation or other application Including GPS pointing, Compass and Gyro sensors.


Smart directional antenna instruments, specially designed as an aerodynamic payload with add on Radom.

The positioner controlled by internal tracking controller (MCU) communicate with the vehicle FCC via Ethernet or serial, capable of performing continuous automatic GPS pointing towards the ground RF terminal and maintain a stable and reliable RF link.

Euclid’s vehicle systems can stand and deal with high shocks and vibration of the road using mechanical shock absorbers and electrical , 


The system has an excellent RF performance (low loss, low VSWR, high gain), providing client's RF link with an improved link immunity to enemy ELINT



EII: Euclid Intuitive Integration for easy implementation

Rigidit systems for tough path and environment requirements.

For lightweights and Heavy-duty payloads

Single or Dual axis Positioner

Ethernet and Serial communication

Mil-Std 1275 is available 

360° Continuous azimuth travel 

Supplied with Euclid's MCU Unit

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